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I’m Nathaniel7. This is my first blog post.

The Cottage #2

This weekend, my family went to the cottage yet again, but this time it was different than the other time that we went. The reason is that our cousins and grandparents came with us. I know what your thinking. You’re probably screaming “that’s not social distancing!” And to some point, we may have not beenContinue reading “The Cottage #2”

Micheal Rosen.

As mentioned in previous blog posts, there is this guy named Micheal Rosen who is a retired face actor for kids. He is actually pretty funny to watch him and he is absolutely the oddest person in the entire galaxy. Imagine you were living in the 1970s and were at a hip hop party orContinue reading “Micheal Rosen.”

Magic Cards Galore!

Yesterday a truly amazing thing happened, my parents decided to fulfil our hearts with magic cards, and I know that sounds kind of weird but in this post, I will give all of you readers a little insight on why I am so happy about a few cards. It all started around three years agoContinue reading “Magic Cards Galore!”

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